Injectable Filler

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC is an injectable filler used to plump the lips, reduce the appearance of perioral lines (lines around the mouth), restore volume loss in the undereye area, and add fullness to the cheeks. VOLBELLA is different from other JUVÉDERM fillers in that it is formulated with a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid, which allows it to integrate smoothly into the sensitive lip and face tissue. The results are very natural-looking with minimal swelling. VOLBELLA adds a soft definition to the lips and fills in fine lines to make lips appear smoother and more youthful.

What to Expect

VOLBELLA is injected directly into the lips or undereye area using an ultra-fine needle to minimize discomfort. Some common injection sites are the vermilion border of the lips (where your lip line meets your facial skin) and on either side of the Cupid's bow to add definition and shape to the lips. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of syringes used. Most patients require 1-2 syringes of filler to achieve optimal results. VOLBELLA produces subtle lip enhancement with minimal downtime or recovery, making it a popular choice for patients who want to redefine their lips and diminish signs of aging. 

Immediately after your procedure, you may experience some temporary swelling, redness, and tenderness around the injection sites. This typically resolves within a few days as the filler settles. Full effects of the dermal filler become visible after about 2 weeks as the hyaluronic acid integrates into the skin and provides natural-looking volume. Results from JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA last up to one year. Touch-ups may be needed to maintain fullness as the product breaks down over time.


What Can Dermal Filler Injectables Do for You?

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA rejuvenates the under eyes, lips, and cheeks by strategically restoring lost volume, leaving patients looking refreshed and youthful. VOLBELLA is often used to fill in tear troughs and hollows under the eyes to minimize shadows and depressions for a well-rested appearance. It can also be injected into the cheeks to help lift sagging skin, replenish volume lost with age, and smooth out lines around the mouth and nose.

On lips, VOLBELLA adds a natural-looking plumpness, restores lost volume, and fills in vertical lip lines. The smooth gel formula integrates seamlessly into the sensitive lip tissue to enhance the shape and symmetry of your lips. The results with VOLBELLA are natural-looking, thanks to the hydrating and restorative properties of hyaluronic acid, and require little to no downtime. 

Filler: Increase Volume In Your Lips, Cheeks, and Jaw - Dr. Deborah Yu

Risks & Side Effects of Dermal Filler Injectables

Side effects for dermal fillers are usually mild and temporary, resolving themselves in as little as a few days to a couple of weeks. Swelling, bruising, tenderness, and redness around the injection sites are common immediately following the procedure. Other common side effects include: 

  • Bruising: Bruising at the injection site may occur and can take 1-2 weeks to resolve fully.
  • Pain: Mild pain, tenderness, or discomfort at the injection sites that typically goes away within a few days.
  • Redness: Some redness may occur and normally clears quickly.
  • Infection: Very rare but possible at injection sites if proper sterilization is not followed. 
  • Bleeding: Minor bleeding or oozing could occur after injections.
  • Uneven results: Improper injection techniques can lead to asymmetric or uneven outcomes.
  • Allergic reaction: Allergic reaction to the hyaluronic acid ingredient is uncommon.
  • Nodule formation: Small bumps under the skin may form if the filler is injected too superficially.  
  • Skin necrosis: Extremely rare chance of compromised blood flow and tissue death at the injection site.


The cost of JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA injectable treatments will vary depending on the treatment areas and the amount of filler needed to achieve your desired results. One syringe of JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA filler typically costs around $675 for a full syringe and $425 for a half syringe. Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled physician assistants to discuss pricing for your specific treatment. 

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